Kissed a WWE ring announcer


Ok so I am 13 and this happened about a year ago at a WWE live show. I got really good seats, about 4 rows from the front and so I decided to go down to the front for the main event. After the ring announcer told us the match, she went back to the timekeeper area, which is basically where announcers sit and is right next to the commentary table. I won’t say her name but she was hot, and she ended up sitting right in front of me. I asked her for a high five, which she gave me. I then asked her for a kiss and she gave me one but seemed hesitant at first. I went to pull away but she put her hand on my back to keep me there, I then put mine on hers and dropped it to her ass. She didn’t pull away or anything, so I gave it a little squeeze and she then dropped her hand to my ass. After a bit more, we both pulled away and one of the wrestlers came out, who was her boyfriend and also one of my favourites. He must have seen us, because he looked mad at me, and so I quickly went back to my seat.