Crush told to circumcise


The part 1 is in story “Diving without underwear”. I went home and asked Mom to circumcise as my dad leaves out of country and comes home every 4 months only. First my mom was not sure that I was in my presence of mind. It took certain days , also my friends and crush keep asking me to complete the task and were laughing all time. After some days my mom agreed when my friends ask her about it. She laughed and then said “It’s ok ,it’s good for health also”. My crush kept laughing on me all the week and asked “If you didn’t circumcised and just acting like you did then?” I went angry on her and said “Your invited to watch the process so you can confirm every thing” she laughed and said “okay that’s a good idea” After some moments I realized I did mistake and alot more embarrassment.
On that day before 2 mins of process she told me that “That all was for checking your will , you performed well ,now you can stop if want and keep that uncircumcised penis with you” I again went furious but others calmed me. She had been close to my mother all the time so she also convinced her to stay with me during circumcision and watch me in that condition naked…..
It all went good except she took pictures and sent them to all the classmates and made fun of me .Most embarrassing moments of my life.