Cheer camp


My name is Josh and this happened when I was talked into going to a cheerleading camp with a friend of mine called Madison. We drove to the camp and Madison grabbed me and introcuded me to her friends Rachel and heather. “What’s he doing here.” one of the girls said. Madison whispered something in their ears. They took me back to their cabin and stripped me, tied me to a chair, and then they put a blindfold on me. “What’s going on.” I said. “This is for what you did to us in the past.” I then hear Rachel say “It’s a real shame you are blindfolded Josh because we are going to strip naked a lap dance around you. I then her them taking off their shirts and bras ect. I started to get an erection but I was trying to control it. I then here Madison say “Wow Rachel those are some huge boobies, and Heather yours jiggle like jello.” I then gave in and I got a huge boner. “Awwwww look at Josh’s erection, he’s so cute when he’s embarrassed.” I then hear a snip, snip noise. Madison said that she was cutting off her pubic hair on her vagina and that she was going to make me kiss it! She held her pubes up to my face and told me to kiss it, I did and it was horrible. She then got changed along with the others and then took off my blindfold and rubbed her pubes all over my body. For the finale they painted my dick blue and my balls red with paint that wouldn’t wash off for a few days. Rachel then looked at my dick and said “looks like your opportunity for getting pussy is slowly slipping away and I looked down at her and her hand was in her pants rubbing her clit. They finished it off by each kicking my balls and shoving my face into three individual pairs of boobies. I then ran home scared as anything. I never told anybody about this.