Wrestling Mishap


My neighbor, a 35 year old lady had asked me to watch her kids, a 15 year old girl and a 13 year old boy. I am 23, but am unemployed, yet I was able to practically get a steal in getting a cheap house among a bunch of well off ones. I’ll let you figure out how I did that, but it did involve some creativity and inside scoops. Anyway, the lady was a bit of a fitness buff and I practically always saw her in shorts, which showed off her toned legs, as well as a tank top, which showed the top of her cleavage as well as her arms. She was my height and always seemed like a friendly lady. Today, she brought her kids and asked me to watch them for a while. She didn’t even offer me babysitting money, but she was asking it more like a neighborly gesture. Since she was a friendly lady, I said okay. The kids came in and she left. The kids were dressed similar to their mom, in tank tops and shorts. The fifteen year old girl, Gina, was tall enough to be up to my forehead, and the thirteen year old, Greg, was up to my chin. I normally don’t wear shorts, so I was dressed in a t shirt and pants. Greg asked if I had any video games, and I did have some older ones, and, although I could tell he was a little disappointed, he turned it on and began playing. I thought that was easy, now I had to figure out what to do with Gina, and then I could have them keep themselves busy until their mom came, although she hadn’t said how long that would be. Gina was still standing in front of me, while I had been thinking about something for her to do, and she said that I looked like I was daydreaming, which I might have been as I was thinking of an activity. She said she really wasn’t into video games like her brother, and then asked me if I daydreamed a lot. I said no and she said it was okay if I did and I didn’t respond to that. She then asked if I was into any sports, which made me guess she might be as athletic as her mom. I said I really wasn’t. She said her favorite sport was wrestling and asked if she could show me some of her favorite moves. I told her I didn’t have padding on the ground, but only had a carpeted floor. She said she would just go through the motions, so nobody would get hurt. She then told me that in real wrestling, one person gets on their hands and knees while the other person grabs both arms of the first person. She motioned for me to get on my hands and knees and she grabbed my arms. She then said Begin, and pulled my arms and twisted me until I was on my back and then put her knees on my shoulders. I must say that I did feel a little excited by all that. She then told me we could switch positions and she would be on her hands and knees while I grabbed her arms. She said Begin and she ended up twisting herself and then putting me on my back and putting her knees on my shoulders to pin me again. She then said I wasn’t much of a fighter, but then said I might do better if I put some shorts and a tank top on and got off me and nudged me to go to my room and change into those types of clothes. I went into my room and saw that I really didn’t have a lot of shorts, but I had one very small swim suit but I also didn’t have a tank top, so I left my t-shirt on and then opened the door. She did say that she liked my shorts, but said that my t-shirt was too lose and was hindering my wrestling. I then said I didn’t have a tank top and she said I might wrestle better if I took off my t-shirt. She also said that might actually give me an advantage because it would be harder for her to grab my skin than it was to grab my shirt as she giggled. I took off my t-shirt and then she suggested that it might be better if we wrestled on top of my bed since it was softer than the floor. I agreed and got on my bed in the hands and knees position. She told me that since I now had the shirtless advantage that she would have to wrestle a little harder since she couldn’t get a grip any more. Since the bedroom door was still open, we could hear Greg still playing the video games. She then got on the bed and grabbed my arms and she said Begin and she ended up pinning me again, but this time she elbowed me in the ribs when she did. Nevertheless, as she had me pinned, she then asked me if it felt embarrassing getting beat by a girl. I was still looking up at her and said it was a little embarrassing, but then I said she was an athlete and I wasn’t. She then got off me and asked if I was even trying. I said I would try harder, and then she got on her hands and knees and I got on top, grabbing her arms and she said, Begin, and she then went backwards and grabbed my legs. She then put me into what is called a figure four in wrestling, which pulled my leg muscles and mad them feel strained. I was trying to shake my legs to get out of it and then I ripped my swim suit shorts. Good thing I had underwear, but she didn’t let go with her legs, but rolled us both over so we were both on our stomachs. She then began to pull herself up, which made my legs hurt a lot more. It also had the effect of ripping my underwear. I was yelling for her to stop, both from the pain and also from the embarrassment of everything now being ripped. Just then I heard the doorbell, and then I heard Greg answer the door while Gina was still holding me in the figure four with everything ripped. Greg and his mom then came into the bedroom and Gina told her mom that I was a good enough host to learn wrestling from her. Their mom then said I wasn’t much of an athlete and told Gina to let me know. She gave one more pull on my legs, completely ripping my underwear and also giving my legs two Charlie horses, and then let go and got off the bed. Their mom then said it looked like Gina and Greg had fun and said she’d be dropping them off more frequently now and as I got up, I realized that everything had ripped off and I was naked. Of course, that meant that Gina, Greg and their mom saw my manhood, and I am a little small. They all laughed, and Greg blurted out, Well now we know why he’s not athletic. Gina giggled, but their mom tried to keep her own laugh in. I grabbed the bed cover to cover myself, while at the same time, Greg pulled down his own pants and underwear and showed his sister and mom that his manhood was bigger than mine. Gina kept laughing, but their mom tried to jump to my defense and said mine was smaller because I had just been exhausting myself and that she was sure it was bigger when I wasn’t exhausted from wrestling. Greg pulled his underwear and shorts back up and both he and Gina had a puzzled look, but seemed to accept that explanation. (that wasn’t the reason though, I really am small down there). We all walked out to the door and I whispered to their mom, thanks for the explanation. She smirked and whispered back, you mean you’re that small all the time? And then began chuckling loudly as they left, and she also reminded me that she’d drop the kids off again soon.