Why i started wearing panties and bras early?


When I was in 8th I didn’t wore under garments and was going to begin the year at a new school in a new city. I went to school and the first day was awesome. Now the second day in break time some senior boys and girls came to our class and all were frightened seeing them they begin to check our class mates whether they were wearing underwear garments or not.. by moving hands on those parts. Luckily a boy was caught so my turn for checking didn’t came. But then they punished the boy by ripping him in front of whole class all boys and girls. It was embarrassing and it scared me. When I got home I asked Mom so they can buy me underwear and bra but she didn’t agree as she think I was still a kid and don’t need them. So I started to keep holidays for 3 days to save myself from embarrassment but it can’t help long . Then at 8th day I was unlucky. Some boys of that group caught me that I was not wearing those things. All of them encircled me I had no way to run I cried “please leave me , please, my mom doesn’t allow me”
But reply “we don’t care”. So two guys holded me so girls came and removed both my top and bottom. I was nude infront of all. Everyone was laughing and commenting on my privates. “Small ” “dirty” etc etc. A girl ” Even the kids wear panties and slips why can’t you , save your privates from exposure from tomorrow”. And the next day I brought some undergarments without mom knows and keep wearing them in school . It was much embarrassing all that