Surprise Date


I ended up meeting a Pakistani girl at place I won’t say because she told me her brothers would get mad at her. She was actually one inch taller than me even though she was a few years younger than me. She told me her name was Ayesha, but she then told me it might or might not be her real name because she didn’t know me well and was still afraid of her brothers. This was an intriguing introduction and I told her that I liked playing this spy game. She laughed at that! I then asked her if she would like to come to my place and she shook her head as if she was thinking about it and then said yes. We went to my place, but she kept insisting on taking back roads and side streets. I told her that this intrigue was exciting me and we finally got to my place. She looked up and down the street, kind of like she wanted to confirm she wasn’t being followed, and then she followed me in. We then sat down on my sofa. It was wide enough for three people and we each sat down on one of the arms so there was some space in between us. She asked me if I had ever dated a Pakistani girl and I said no, and she said that Pakistani girls really liked it when non-Pakistanis asked them out, but they felt that non-Pakistanis were afraid of the intrigue, but she did state that she liked that I was making a spy game out of it. She then told me that she had read a lot about erotic things, but had no experience at all in them. I took that as a hint and began to slide closer to her until I was next to her, while she remained in her position at the sofa arm, but was glad that I had moved closer. I did think she had a very beautiful face and was feeling excited by it. She also actually had large breasts. I did find her very attractive! She then told me that she had a lot of fantasies from reading erotica and if she could act one of them out with me. I smiled and said yes. She then asked me to stand up and take off everything except my underwear. I stood up and did as she asked and when I was finished she asked me to stand in front of her. Although I was excited, I wasn’t aroused, but she could see the outline of my thing. Actually, I am a little small though and it was just under two inches when I’m not aroused. She then told me that she had read that most men were about five inches when they were unaroused and looked at me like she wanted me to give her an explanation. I blushed and said that I was a little smaller than most men. She said four or maybe three inches would have been a little smaller, but that I was a lot smaller. I blushed and she asked if I agreed and I said yes, being totally embarrassed by this. She then said she had been wanting to give me a BJ, but she said I was too small for her to want to do that. She then reached to both sides of my underwear and pulled them down to just under my knees, exposing my small, unaroused organ to her as she continued to sit down on the sofa and I continued to stand in front of her. She then looked up at me and said it was too small for her to do anything, but asked if I had any suggestions on what we could do. She did continue to pull my underwear down to my ankles and then had me kick them off, and then looked back up at me like she was still waiting for my response. I didn’t have anything to say, so she continued and asked me what I had wanted when I brought her to my place. She did say that she wasn’t experienced, so that was why she had been thinking she would follow my lead, but she hadn’t expected I would be too small for her to do anything. She then told me to go get a ruler and then to bring her a drink on the way back. I was still naked, and I walked over to my drawer and got a ruler and then got to the fridge and shouted to ask her what she wanted. She said she needed something strong because of the disappointment. I gulped and reached in the back and poured her and me each a scotch. I brought the two glasses and then gave her the ruler. She took the ruler and put it on the couch and then she took both of the glasses and said she really needed them. She took a drink from one and then told me to move closer to her while she grabbed the ruler and put it next to my thing. She asked me to hold it out so she could measure it better and I did. It felt really embarrassing as she measured it and she said it was just under one and a half inches, not even the two inches she had hoped for. I think it might have shrunk a little more while I was in front of the cold refrigerator. She then put the ruler back down on the sofa, and then finished her first drink quickly and then she drank her second one while I was still standing in front of her. It took her about ten minutes to finish the second one and when she finally did, she sighed and asked if I had a broom. I walked over and got it and then came back and gave it to her. She did say that what I did have going for me was that I had said that I would act out erotica with her and asked if I would still do that. I was feeling embarrassed now, and guilty, and I said yes. She then told me to first explain to her what I expected to do with her with my small stub. I was embarrassed even more by that and continued to blush and just said I hadn’t thought it all the way through. She sighed again and then stood up herself. She was taller than me and since I had taken my shoes off, she was now about two inches taller than me. She grabbed my hand and walked me to my bedroom and brought the broom and the ruler in her other hand. I had a single bed and a few drawers and she put the ruler on the bed and leaned the broom against the bed also. She then said she wanted me to open all of my drawers so she could show me what was in them. It did feel a little invasive, but all I had in them was clothes, so we went through them pretty uneventfully. She then had me sit on the edge of the bed and she took off her blouse, leaving her bra on. My eyes widened at that since she really did have big breasts, but since I had already been so embarrassed, my thing didn’t get aroused. She looked at my thing and said, no response huh, don’t worry we’ll have to do something because of that later. She then pulled down her pants and then her panties, exposing her own private area. She then told me that she wanted me to give her a BJ and she wanted it to be good enough to make up for her disappointment. She then shoved it in my face and, although, I had never given a BJ before, I began to stick my tongue in and lick what I could. She kept saying she had never known something could be so small as I continued to lick her parts. It was about half an hour later and she said that I wasn’t turning her on that way either. She then sat down on the bed next to me and asked me to hand her the ruler. She then told me to lie over her thighs and she began to spank me and told me she was punishing me for expecting something from her even though I was so small. After about twenty spanks I was starting to wail, but she held me down with her other arm and continued to spank me telling me I should be more than embarrassed about my size. I was bawling loudly and my legs were kicking from the pain after that and then she got to fifty and she stopped. She then asked if I would apologize for expecting something from her even though I was so small and I said yes between cries. She then said she had one more thing and she told me to lie on my back. My bottom was still sore, but I did. She then told me to spread my legs and lift my waist up. I did and she got on the bed between my legs and took of her bra. Her breasts were HUGE when they poured out of her bra. I really wondered how they had been contained in the bra, as they must have been compressed in the bra. She then grabbed the broom and squeezed it between her legs, holding it there with them. It actually looked like a foot long cock, the way she was holding it. She then said that she was going to do to me what she had been hoping I would have done to her and she told me to grab the top of the broom handle and to push it into my own bottom hole. I reluctantly put the tip of the broom handle on my hole, but it didn’t seem to go in. She continued to hold it between her legs and began to gently slide it in as she climbed on top of me. Now her breasts were just below my face and she said I could suck them while I pulled the broom handle into my hole. I pulled the broom, as she pushed it in herself, while I sucked her HUGE breasts. When I got the tip of the broom handle in, she said I could grab her breasts, while I sucked them. Meanwhile, she continued to thrust the broom handle into my hole and began to move it in and out. I really enjoyed sucking her breasts, even though having the broom handle inside me was a slightly painful experience. She continued thrusting me for about an hour, and then my own penis started to get erect from the thrusting as well as the feasting on her HUGE breasts. About ten minutes after that, I ejaculated and she laughed and said, well, it looks like we’re done now aren’t we as she touched my nose with her finger. She then began to slowly pull out the broom handle and began to cuddle with me. I did feel that some blood came out when she pulled out the broom handle, and the handle was covered with, well number 2 stuff. We then cuddled for a while after that and she actually said she enjoyed that and looked forward to us doing it again frequently. I said that I looked forward to that also.