Forgot to wear underwear in shorts


I was 16 year old at that time. Once I was to go for gymnastics lesson for practical coz i was good at it.I changed my clothes during break before 15 mins to go. I locked the locker kept the keys in my bag and went to ground.
On the way to ground I reckon that something was wierd. It took 5 mins to realize that if removed my underwear along with pants and was wearing just PE shorts.
I ran back to grab keys to wear underwear again. When I reached class I saw 3 girls and 2 boys sitting around my seat , I asked them to let me get my bag . When I got bag it relaxed me I took the keys in hand and kept the bag aside. I was worried as my penis shape was seen from front so everyone can judge I was not wearing underwear . Within no time a boy from them grabbed me and a girl pulled my shorts down. Still they haven’t seen my penis as I was facing the side of door and my butt was towards them. All were laughing. They turned me around forcefully and I saw that one girl was recording a video on her phone. I tried to run but it was worthless. That girl came near to get a good view in video while I was trying hard to get free. My leg hit her and the phone fell down and got broken.
They left me to gasp the phone and I wore my shorts relaxing as recording got destroyed. But that girl hit me in balls and said ” know you will pay for my phone “. They made me lay on bench and pantsed me again. Recorded with other phone and posted on social media and specialy to my crush. They left me and I wore shorts, running towards locker I was uncomfortable as my erection was seen through my shorts and also many saw that.