Diving without underwear


I was 15 at that time. Once we have to dive from diving board for swimming exam. But unfortunately I didn’t wore underwear beneath my swim trunks.So when I noticed my 5 friends 2 boys and 3 girls had already known due to penis and testicles outline seen from front. They didn’t let me go and wear that and my friend said “Dive from the board and if your trunks came off and at least 10 people watch your privates you will be given whatever you want from us and if less than that watches then you then you have to do whatever one of us say at any cost.” They forced me to agree the condition. There were at least 15 people at the pool including us…so I needed to save my Respect. When my turn came I lived holding my trunks but it was useless as they flew away in mid air when I wore them under water I noticed that at least 14 people watched my privates and we’re laughing on me. But now I was safe as I can make my friends do anything I want. I came out and talked them they said “only 7 people saw you so you must do as we say ” I argued but they said I must count them as they already saw it before diving. So know I was afraid about task . One of the girl was my crush since 4 years , she came forward and said “I noticed you were uncircumcised so it’s time to do that job” .I went cold. Rest of the story in title “Crush told to circumcise”