Crush helps me ejaculate


All week long,I had been assigned to work with my crush.We were going to work at 6:00 at my house.I forgot and started jerking off at that time.Then my crush came and knocked the door and opened,to see my 3 in. Erect penis.she blushed and I explained it to her.then,she did something weird.She started stripping down.she told me to jerk off to that,which I couldn’t. Then she came over and started stroking my penis.then she rubbed it on her boobs.It felt good,until I felt weird inside.My crushed knew too,because she stroked it harder and faster.Then,I finnally ejaculated.Then I said thanks,and I asked her out.she said yes!we quickly finished our project so we can date.I have photos of ejaculation if you want.