whole school saw my penis

  • I was a boy of 15 when this happen. Our school was a bad school full of bad and dirty minded people only some were there with good feelings. I am a shy boy who doesn’t like to wear a short in swimming class. But the below given event embarrassed me much than I ever thought
    One day I was going to school happily with my language assignment, compulsory to be submitted that day. In my way I saw a huge crowd gathered around the gate of girls hostel. I went there to see. I saw the group of some bad people had ripped a girl’s jeans and she was hiding her panties form crowd while crying. I can’t see her so I moved back and suddenly one boy pushed me in the arena I said sorry to all and tried to run but it was useless. They caught me.
    I tried to escape but I was very weak so I couldn’t. They pulled my school bag and then a boy pinned my hands up so I can’t use them. One girl came from that bad group and ripped my pants fully means she took that in her hand and threw them aside. All were laughing on me and I realized that I was still wearing a brief at age of 15. I pleaded them to let me go and them that girl said “Oh poor little boy , forgot to wear underwear” then she laughed. I saw down and I was nude with my penis completely visible to all. I was cold and embarrassed so much that I couldn’t realize that I was nude.
    They still didn’t leave me. I yelled “I wore a underwear form home you ripped that also” the girl kicked my balls and said “”Don’t shout on me”. I was in pain and then a boy for them picked my pants form them and showed to all that my underwear was also ripped off along my pants. All were laughing. Other girl from them took my brief and said “It seem you wear a girl panty !” All laughed again. I said “Please leave me and give my clothes” she said “Oh this is a girl’s panty so I won’t give it to you” then she threw my brief in garbage bin and said “Stop stealing girls garments” she said while laughing and all laughed at me again.
    They leaved me and one of the boy pulled my for skin of penis and said “Oh boy you haven’t circumcised yet” I tried to hide my penis and ask my pants but he replied ” Every one saw your useless penis so now no need to hide and walk to school with us or I may tear your assignment.” I pleaded him but he took me to the school bottom less and I was troubled with erections all the route that girl’s saw my penis. Finally at school they gave my pants and I wore them rest of the day but it was true that the whole school saw my penis.