Mommys little girl again


So when i was 11 yrs old. One day in the middle of the night while my other siblings were asleep. My mother came into my room with a plastic bag. I said hi and said hi back. It was quiet for a while, well until my mom came really close to me. She started to take off my clothes. I tried to push away. But she wont budge. So I just let her do what she wanted to do. But tbh, U didnt know what she wanted. So she takes my clothes off. Even under clothes. She took out a binkie. Put it in my mouth then got a bag of pampers out. She said it I teied to fight back, she would lick my pussy. So I didnt fight. She got oil and started to rub in on my pussy. Then, she started to finger me. I cum a lot. She then put a diaper on and took her shirt off and started to breastfeed me. I was worried. She fingered me while breastfeeding. Now she does it every single night. Im not excited for tonight.