Kicked in balls by a girl so hard


One day I was at school and I wanted a book from my female friend to go through it. I went to her in break time. I found that she was talking with two other girls about Kung Fu tournament next week. I went to her and the girl who was not able to see me coming at her back suddenly moved her leg behind trying to kick and she kicked my balls. The hit was so hard that I fainted almost.
Them all those girls got me to other room whereno one used to come. I was not able to walk so they had my hands on their shoulder to let me move. They let me sit on a stool then told me drink water and then to rip my pants. I refused to rip my clothes but they forced me and took my pants off and also briefs. I was weak at that time so I can’t stop them. All of them had a close look to my balls to see injury. One of them took my balls in hand to check which hurted me a lot. I said “stop! stop! please forgive me!” She replied”ok then!” They told me to rest till the pain is reduced. But how can I relax when three girls are watching me naked. One of them asked me “Are sure that your penis size is right for your age?? As I can see just an inch of length” I replied ” please don’t ask such questions, I came water so it’s shruken “. she said “Then what about ercection, does it erect?” I replied ” I am in pain right now so will you stopit” she said ok then she was sitting quiet. After sometime I got an ercection, one of them said “oh he got one! Boys are all dirty minded ” I stood up with pain and said “stop it I am going to doctor give my clothes”. “I think you must wear a tight thing so your balls won’t move while walking and they won’t pain” she said. I replied ” I just got one underwear right now so let me go ” She gave a suggestion “You can wear my Speedos short under your jeans, no body will know about it, and it is tight so you will me safe” They forced me so I wore then I walked slowly to doctor as the pain was still more. The doctor took x-rays and gave medicined. He told me to be naked for an hour in hospital so they can examine me. Soon those girls came and saw me naked again. She said ” you reached here so now I wantmy Speedo back” I gave and the. They said to take care and left. I was well in some hours and we all 4 just knew about this incident.