Every one saw me naked at pool


I was a boy of 15 when this happened. I was in a school where swimming was compulsory subject. Had all type of friends boys, girls, good ,bad, etc.
Once for swimming I forgot to bring the swimming shorts from home and that day was the diving board test where everyonehas to dive from board and do some antique moves. As it was compulsory I was ordered by the sir to use my underwear as my swimsuit. I came to the pool as the only boy in underwear, everyonehas worn their suits. Turn by turn everyone went to dive as my crush also. She was wearing an orange swimsuit and was making my penis erect with her circular dives. Boys were laughing as I was in my briefs and also having an erection.
My turn came but the sir got call from office so he went for sometime. I was standing forward than all as it was my turn and I was getting nervous. Soon someone came and pulled my brief down to ankles. I tried to catch him but I couldn’t and so everyone had a view of my private part. I tried to pull that up but it took time and till then all were laughing. I got those up and then suddenly sir came and pulled me and said “What the hell are you doing? Interested in showing your parts …. You shameless!” I said ” sir, someone came to pull them down I was just….” He said “enough , come with me you are suspended!” All were laughing on me and we’re taunting me “shameless””nude boy” this was the most embarrassing moment of my life