Bad condition in private

  1. I am a girl of 17. There was a time when my groin part around my vagina and inner thighs were badly chaffed due to summer days and panties. One day on holiday I decided to not to wear underwear and treat it with lotions. But in evening my friends called me to come to meet up so I wore just a pajamas to go out. In the way at a corner I saw some guys were harassing a boy my making Him nude. I watched that being in side so no one notice me. But my bad luck a girl from back came and pushed me there. At that time thery were playing with penis of that boy and laughing. I said ” let the boy go…its not right” They let the boy go as he was crying. Now they turned towards me ,there were 3 boys and 3 girls. A girl pulled my pajamas down and let me sit down. I was hiding my vagina. But they laughed as I was visible and my chaffing was also. A boy came near to me but I kicked him in balls. So all got angry and took off my t- shirt. I was hiding my slip as I don’t use bra because of my small breasts. But they cut off the slip too. So I was naked infront of all. Then they put some powder on my vagina and immediately It felt itching. The girls with there big nails put scars in my groin and it burnt. Boys playing with my small breasts. They one girl took a small knife and stroke it in my clitoris and inside vagina. I was badly hurt and not able to walk. The let me go home naked . I got to friends home and them she gave me first aid and some clothes. Then I went to hospital and treted my self. I didn’t told this to anyone except her. It took a fortnight to heal all and till that I kept myself locked in room as I can’t wear anything till 5-6 days.