Naked with best friend part 2

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So that whole time half of me was like, she my best friend, just a friend, just a friend, but then the other half was like, She is hot, she is hot, oh my god. Now she was sitting next to me with her side pressed up against mine,(that includes her breasts!) reading this story. Once we finished, I said that I loved it, and all that stuff, she put the papers down beside the bed and we just sat there. My erection had starting getting uncomfortable during that whole ordeal, so I tried to casually push it to one side. Anna watched this whole thing intently, to my embarrassment. We sat a while longer and I tried to bring up some conversation, but she kept just kinda nodding or mumbling “mmm-hmm,” the whole time just watching my underpants. I squirmed around a little, and said, “God, is it still only 5?!” She kind of said yeah and then turned to me, blushed, and said, “can I, um, see, like, it?” She nodded towards my penis.
I had no idea what to do at that point, but during the time it takes to say a very long ‘um’ I decided there was nothing to lose. “Okaaay.”
I made no move, so she started to reach towards my crotch. She slowly pulled down the sides of my underwear, eventually revealing my 5 and a half inches of erect penis. She had bent over me to do this and her breasts had pushed up against my bare chest, and so my erection was even bigger than before. She stared at it for the longest time, then examined it from all different angles. After a while she asked, “so, is it always like , y’know, that? Up?” I knew she was playing innocent, and she knew, But I said, “No, not normally,” Still playing innocent she asked,”Why, then?”while she scrutinized it. I was in a hard(he-he) place. But she knew the answer, and if I lied she’d know, so I went with the truth. “Um, it’s kind of because of you.”
“Why?” Still innocent.
“Cause, like you’re really, hot, i guess.” All my cards were face up on the table. She smiled, and said “oh.” Then she smiled and said, “can I touch it?” I kind of shook my head, because I was already pretty overwhelmed. She understood, nut said, “what if we even the playing field?” This Surprised me a lot. “Um, maybe,” I managed. She undid her bra slowly and her boobs popped out. They were so freakin fantastic!! Then she pulled of her underwear and sat there next to me. She was ridiculously cute.
Then she started to feel my boner. She started by just kind of pressing it with one finger, but soon she was exploring it with two fists. At one point she was grabbing the shaft with one fist and exploring my balls in the other. She would bend my penis in different directions, and then let go, and it would snap back ip. She giggled at this. She also tried to grab both balls with one hand, but they kept slipping out and she laughed at that, too. My penis got a very thorough massage. Now it was throbbing and huge, probably 6 ½ inches. She noticed and mentioned that to me. I kept looking at her boobs. They were so hot!! After a while she said that she felt tired, and promptly laid down across me, with one hand still on my penis. I just enjoyed this for a while, and then I fell asleep too. When we woke up she played with my penis some more, and then we just did some stuff naked, like reading and playing a game. Now whenever we see each other we smile in a different way.