Naked at pool party


This happened to me during the summer when I was fifteen. I had got invited to a pool part by my crush for her birthday. A bunch of her family members were there as well as people I knew from school. I got to the party and everything was going well for a while until we decided to start swimming. I brought swim trunks to change into so I went into the bathroom to change. The lock on the door was a little weird and I just assumed that is was broken or something. I fired it wouldn’t take too long to change so it didn’t matter. I was almost immediately proven wrong because as soon as I took off my pants my crush’s mom walked into the bathroom! We were both frozen for a second but I snapped out of it and covered my p**** which started to become hard (being a fifteen year old it didn’t take much to become aroused). She looked like she was trying to hold in a laugh, but apologized and closed the door. If finished getting changed quickly. My swim trunks were a little big on me because they were hand me downs from my brother, but I could get them to stay up at least. Anyway I went back outside and started swimming. We were having fun and I basically forgot about the encounter with my crush’s mom. There was a decently high diving board and I decided to jump off of it. I climbed up and jumped off. When I came up from underwater everybody was laughing. I was confused until I saw my swim trunks floating on top of the water. One of my friends grabbed them and ran out of the pool. If I wanted them back I needed to get out of the pool. I covered myself and tried to get them back, but before I knew it, two people grabbed my arms and held them so i was fully exposed. My crush was laughing and said “don’t worry, there’s not much to hide anyway.” I managed to break free and grab my trunks back and put them back on. There was no use, though, because everybody already saw my p****. The party was winding down at that point, so I didn’t have to wait that long to get picked up and go home. When school started my crush said sorry for the whole thing, and we became friends. She still mocks me about my “little problem” from time to time even though my p**** is average size