My late Circumcision

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When I was 17 years old I was in relationship with a girl. We were true lover. We lived together in a house only we two. We Neverhad sex but we have seen each other’s privates enough time.

Once my girlfriend said that I must be circumcised for good health but I didn’t have done it early. And now I was mature so I was afraid of erection pains and anyone seeing my penis at time and after circumcise. She keep forcing me and I keep neglecting her.

Once at night I woke up and saw myself tied on bed and 2 cameras pointing me even I was naked. Then I saw her coming she had scissors and all pointed instruments with her. I asked and she said that “It’s enough, now I am going to circumcise you for your better health”. I said no but she warned that if I didn’t let her then she will show the camera recording to all friends so I was afraid of injury as she don’t have any medical training.

She continues andsuddenly she sneezed and I shouted due to pain as she cut the inner penis rather then for skin. She said sorry and put some antiseptic on it. I was trimbling with pain all the time. After sometime the pain reduced so we decided to go to doctorin the morning and I must sleep bottomless tonight. I tried to sleep but I hardly could!

In the morning we went to doctor in a small clinic. It was very much crowded and I was just in my shorts and nothing under it. So I was worrying about erection but I didn’t got one lucky . I saw a lady doctor who was about 21-22 and I was now nervous. I asked her if the male doctor is gonna come or not. She replied “No! He is on holidaydue to illness”. Now over turn came and we went inside.

She said my girlfriend to stay out as it was a male’s private problem, but I explain that she is my girlfriend. We were in and then doctor said to remove my shorts and let her look at the problem. She looked and then said that I must circumcise right now so it will heal with medicine. Hearing this my girlfriend was blushing and I was nervous. Without asking me my girlfriend gave permission and doctor collected all instruments. She tried to calm me and then it was the time doctor started and told my girlfriend to hold my penis straight as she was was not using any asthetic. I was nervous due to pain and two young females touching my penis and I cummed. The doctor went away shouting and my girlfriend let me clean that. I noticed that the door was not locked and anybody can come in. The doctor clean all instruments and started again. Suddenly the door opened and we saw our friends Harmoeni came in and she just saw that I was naked and having circumcised. Doctor shouted to send her out and she went giggling all the way. Now she would go and tell everyone about this. My girlfriend said that she would take care of my respect and I knew it was a fake promise.

The doctor finished her work and the applied creams and bandages on my penis. By the time my girlfriend booked cab and the doctor gave me instructions about not to wear anything till two days and the 2-10 days loose clothes,  10-15 anything but not underwear then after 15 days I am free.

Now I wore that shorts till I reach home and then removed them for two days .All the incident was embarrassing but I finally did circumcise which I was fearing. Even my friends saw my penis by coming home surprisingly when I was naked. But it was past so I forgot it.