My antique circumcision


I was a boy of 14 when this happened. All time my parents used to say to me to get circumcised but as I was 14 so I worried about all would tease me and I would be embarrassed if the see my penis. All of my male friends knew that I was uncircumcised as my parents keep them saying to convince me.
One night we were at party about 15 of us all girls and boys 12 boys and 3 girls one of them was my crush. We had dinner and now we were relaxing. Then all of them make me drink and now I was drowsy . Suddenly the tide me in such a way that I was sleeping on a bed and can’t move. Two boys pulled my pants down. I shouted ” what are you doing in frontof girls” One girl said “don’t worry we are friends we won’t tell anyone” my penis was startingto erect. Then a doctor came and they also pulled my underwear out. I was so embarrassed due to this all my friends including girls were having a view of my fully shaved penis. Doctor “Oh this boy is to be circumcised!” I said “no who said, guys leave me please” one friend said “Actually I got premission from your parents to get you circumcised at any cost so we are doing our task” I said “not in front of girls please” other girl “Don’t worry we are friends we are here to help” the doctor started to take out instruments and I was worried so I was trying to make myself free so all of my friends holding me so I can’t move. Two of them hold legs two hands and one was making my penis stable. The doctor started to peel my skin and I was trembling with pain Doctor said “don’t know you get hurt more than you deserve” suddenly a girl came and hold my hands said “Be calm you would be safe” she was my crush I forget that she was here this made me red and my erection more hard. The process was done and the doctor was now applying bandages on my penis. The doctor said “take tablets regularly ,don’t wear anything for some hours then you can wear loose things without underwear and then after week you can wear underwear and your regular clothes” I said “will you stop and there is me again and again” then the doctor left and my crush took out her phone and pointed camera to me as I was nude I trembled again”no pictures please!” Suddenly I woke up it was night 3 o’clock and this was a bad dream. I checked my penis and it was already circumcised I remember doing it when I was a kid. Truly embarrassing dream.