Tight Whities

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When I was alone,I didn’t realize I was in my nightwear! It consists of A Long White Shirt That Covers the Tight Whities, Tight Whities and Socks. I was bored so I went outside and just sat on the grass looking like that. Then a guy passed by and was like,”Dude you’re bad as!” And I just ignored him not knowing what he was talking about. After I was walking around our yard and just laid down.Then my Father went home and he saw me in my nightwear and he said, “Come inside right now” and he explained that I was in my nightwear and we laughed and we were just playing but I didn’t change though because my Father said it was comfy and I said Sure! After that I went to my room, took a nap and my father took a picture of me sleeping! That was fun!