The Chicken Game

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I was hanging out with my sister and her friends when this happened to me. My sister came up to me and asked if I wanted to play the chicken game. Being bored I eagerly answered her question with a “sure, what do I do?”. My sister explained the game as a challenge. She said first I was to put my arms in my shirt like a chicken and she would explain from there. Her friends were filming me so I thought it was a game they had played before. My sister ensured that my arms were tight in my shirt so they couldn’t slip out easily. She said I had to flap my arms up and down like a chicken. She pulled my arms up so that they were parallel with the ground and told me to hold them there with my eyes shut. When I closed my eyes she yanked my shorts down. Before I could get my arms out she then pulled my panties down in one swift motion. Since my arms were stuck in my sleeves I couldn’t reach down to pull them up. So I panicked and went into the fetal position on the ground. I had no way of covering up until I got my arms free. I took a lot of wriggling to finally be able to pull up my pants through the bottom of my shirt. The videos showed everything on the lower part of my body. When I went on the ground, my vulva was in clear view along with my butt hole. Don’t play the chicken game unless you like people seeing you naked.