Teachers saw my penis.

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This happened last year, when I was 13 in 8th grade. Just to get it out of the way, I’ll admit that I am pretty small down there, only 2 inches erect. Anyway, because school was almost over, we took a class trip to a nearby waterpark. While we were there, my clothes that I brought to change into after got soaked, but it didn’t really matter because it was warm outside. I just decided to wear a towel (with nothing underneath) and put my clothes outside on a bench for them to dry. I wasn’t to concerned at this point because I wasn’t too bad looking and I was in good shape from always playing sports. Anyway, when I was waking back into the change room, a kid grabbed my towel and ran off with it. Luckily, there was no-one else in the room but I was completely naked, I didn’t have another towel, and my clothes were a distance away outside on the bench. I saw a teacher near the change room, and I decided to call her over because I was running out of options. I told her what happened, then she told me to to point in the direction that the kid ran. I pointed with my right hand, leaving my left hand over my small penis. She told me to use both hands, which at first I didn’t want to, but then I figured I might as well just so I could get a towel faster. Besides she wasn’t super good looking or anything and I only had her for one class. As both my hands left my tiny dick, she took a quick look, and grew a grin on her face. She told me she didn’t have a towel, but she would ask a few other teachers to she if they had one. I waited in the change room for a few minutes, and luckily no-one else came in. But, instead of coming back with a towel, the teacher came back with 2 other teachers that I had in elementary. One of them liked me, and was actually decently good looking, but the other one didn’t really like me but had such a nice ass. When they walked in, I was shocked to see them, and I knew I messed up when I let my hands fall to my side. The teacher that liked me smiled, and then said, “I would expect that from you when you were in 4th grade but not from you now!” This really made me feel bad, but the teacher that didn’t like me had even more to say. She said, “Honestly you don’t need a towel, it’s not like you have anything down there, and then she laughed.” Then to make matters worse, she said, “I think I might know someone that does have a towel though.” Then she called over 2 girls, and one of them was my crush. I begged her not to, but it was too late. When they got there my crush had an extra towel, and said she would give it to me if they could see it. I begged them just to give it to me, but they refused. I slowly removed my hands, but the sight of my crush was too much and I got hard and even cummed a little, so my crush leaned over and cleaned it with the towel, and then flicked my dick really hard. She gave me the towel and they all left. From that day on, I could never look at them the same way.