Stripped and orgasm

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I was at my friend Ainslee’s house along with my other friend Meghan and Ainslee’s neighbor Trevor. Ainslee has a pool at her place so the three of us hung out there a lot during the summer (we’re all in 10th grade btw). I had a huge crush on Trevor and Ainslee knew this, so she often tried to embarrass me in front of him. So we had just finished swimming and dried off and were sitting by the pool relaxing. We were chatting a while, and Ainslee kept trying to say embarrassing stuff about me in front of Trevor. I kept laughing it off, until Ainslee said “Hey Trevor, did you know Alison (my name’s Alison btw) has a hairy pussy?” Everyone got silent and looked at me. My face turned bright red, but then I immediately shot back “No I don’t!” Alison then looked at Trevor and said “Don’t believe me? Watch this!”
And she grabbed my legs and pinned them down. I was going to push her off, but then Meghan grabbed my arms and had them pinned down. I was now completely helpless. Ainslee then said”Go ahead and see for yourself Trev!”
After hesitating for a moment, Trevor reached down and grabbed my bikini bottom. I screamed at them to stop but it was no use. He ripped my bikini bottom off in one quick motion, and my unshaved pussy was on display for everyone to see. Everyone burst out laughing at my embarrassment. Ainslee then told Trevor to go inside her house and grab the roll of duct tape on the kitchen counter. When he came back, they taped my arms and legs to the concrete poolside. Meghan then unhooked my top and exposed my average sized tits to everyone.
“This isn’t funny!” I yelled at them.
“Oh yeah?” Ainslee said. “We’re not done yet.”
She then whispered something to Trevor and Meghan, and they all laughed. Then, Trevor got down on his knees next to my waist and starting to finger my hairy pussy! I immediately started to moan, causing more laughter from everyone else. While Trevor continued to finger me, Meghan started to grope my tits, causing me to become even more aroused. My nipples were hard as a rock and my pussy was already starting to get wet. After a while of this, my moaning grew louder and louder and I was about to squirt. They must have sensed this, because they untaped my legs and spread them apart. Trevor continued to rub my pussy and I finally had an orgasm. I squirted all over the poolside, with my so called “friends” in hysterics. Needless to say, I’m no longer friends with them.