shower time 2

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Having kids can be interesting.  It is true that they are all different.  My 3 daughters for instance are each quite unique in their own ways.  From the earliest age, we have taught the children to knock on our bedroom door before entering.  This has been met with limited success, by varying degrees.  The oldest has experienced enough embarrassment upon entering prior to being bid welcome, for example, that she finally gets the point!  Our middle child seems to have always grasped the concept and awaits permission…  the youngest, now she’s different, of course.  Rebecca will knock, sometimes while entering, perhaps after entering or occasionally she may just announce her presence after entering.  This applies to any room in the house.  Thus far, with her at least, embarrassment isn’t an issue.


Having had a rather harrowing experience with one daughter (and friend) previously, regarding household bathroom usage.  I have attempted to restrict access to the Master bath to only myself and my wife, however, this “Rule” is often blatantly ignored when I am traveling, which is most of the time.  The girls prefer using our shower over their own.  My older 2 daughters have settled into a routine of adjusting when I am home and it isn’t a real issue for them, ‘Becca though… Perhaps she is simply wired differently?


As a father, when my girls were very small I occasionally bathed them.  Then, as will happen, they reached an age where they no longer wanted help nor required supervision.  Sadly many children become insecure about their bodies not long after this point of development.  I begin to wonder with my youngest.


I have found myself either discovering her in some stage of undress in my bathroom or having her walk in on me in such a state personally more times than I can count.  She remains seemingly unfazed by anything that has happened to the point that she is apparently comfortable with my nudity as well as being naked.  Though she is in her teens she will occasionally shower with me when time and space is limited and circumstances are pressing.  I personally am torn as to whether it should be discouraged as it seems she has a healthy body image and is not embarrassed easily.  She certainly has no need to be embarrassed around me and I am rather used to her seeing me naked, though I doubt that I would be so open with either of my other daughters.


I suppose that seems strange to feel embarrassment based on other peoples feelings yet knowing that my older daughters are not comfortable, makes me uncomfortable.  While knowing that my youngest is OK with it, I think I am too.