Should of gotten some bigger trousers

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I was on my way back from college with my friend on the bus and we where talking about his relation ships joking about the fact that he always ends up sending nudes to his girlfriends and the fact that their must be at least 10 people with pics of his penis. I said how whilst he’s had all thats happen at no ones seen my penis and he replied with whats that then I said what he said down there I looked down and it apears my trousers that day where a bit small as you could clearly see the outline of my penis and I don’t mean just a bit of buldge I mean you could clearly see where it was and see how big it is 😏 I tried to play it off by saying it was just a bit of fabric going upwards and pushed it back down but it instantly just popped back up he started laughting at how it did so we then just carried on as normal as it was nothing New as we had been in pe together for the past couple years back in school.