pissed my pants

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a few years ago my mother passed away.
i never had a very good relation with my dad, but my mother held us together.
he hated me sinds he found out i actually loved letting much smaller and younder
kids win in a wrestle/fight.
he felt very ashamed about it, but i really liked it.
wel no i’m 47 and married with shirly a 36 year hot blond.
shirly and my dad never really liked eachother, course well, my dad knew she was a slut.
he had seen her riding another guy in a car in front of a buzy postoffice.
so he was pretty furious i married her a few mont later anyway.
and shirly loved to tease him with her power over me.
and she had made it a sort of goal to make him like her.
and the way she dressed and sat on his lap moving had made her say proud several times,
i gues he really started to like me, he was very hard again.
he started to drink some more beer also wich always chanched him a bit.
they started to get along better and better.
specially when they both drank some it was maybe a bith to much.
wel there are people who where confinced they had something.
i was sure they had, signs enough, but denied it for myself or maybe
it secretly turned me on.
he also took every opportunity to put me down, he had told shirly every kid in the
neighbourhood had made me kiss there ass.
she loved that storys and teased me with it.
so a few weeks ago on shirly’s birthday party it was great weather and we had a
party in the garden.
it started the afternoon so at 10 in the evening everybody was a bith drunk and tired.
my dad now 73 was skinny a head shorter than me but i still never stood up to him.
now when the most visit has gone we sat with a few neighbours a couple and a single old guy.
my dad was again buzzy to put me down by telling stories about my past.
iritated i denied it but shirly teased me by bringing new beer and sat herself on my dads lap telling dat she believed all of it, pff you even afraid of your dad, she teased.
a lot of laughter and she kissed my dad on his lips and i’m pretty sure there was tong invold.
feeling lots of eyes pointing on me i pretend i didn’t saw it.
so my dad made shirly stand up and stradle him wich she did very freely.
and now they really started to make out.
told you he was to chickenshit to do some, he proudly said.
and he was right, his hands where in her short probebly finger her ashole, and i just sipped my beer.
shirly laughed out loud and looked if i reacted anyway.
haha you’re so right he really don’t dare, she chuckled.
you know what the boy did in the old days? i’ll show you. he said and pushed shirly from his lap and stood up.
a bit smirking he walked up to me, hee boy come here. he said.
and playfull he tryed to grab my head.
comon dad get lost, i tryed.
than i heart shiry, get him bart, hihihi.