Pantsed By My Hot Friend and her Hot sister at Beach

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I was never looked at the same anymore at school after this story! This one weekend, me and my friend went to the beach, and her older sister was working as a lifeguard there (but we were on the far side of the beach where she could not see us easily). Even though this friend of mine was a girl, I could not stop myself from being incredibly hard when starring at her HUGE boobs in her tight bikini, as well as her nice butt. She kept on giggling, saying I want to see it.I was like, what the hell, no! She kept on trying to pull my shorts down, and I was running away from her, while she was chasing me. My **** got even harder as I saw her boobs bounce up and down as we ran. She kept on laughing, saying, come on, just show me its size and Ill stop! We kept on running, but then her sister whose boobs was even bigger than her sister and also wearing a small bikini told us that her shift was over and that it was time to go. Just then, she saw me running from her sister, and yelled out, is he hard?! She laughed, and her sister told her to help her chase me down in order to see it, and she said of course, I want to see how this one compares to the last I saw! They were both chasing me, until they finally caught up to me and pinned me down what could I do it was two girls that were more athletic than me chasing me down. My friend grabbed me by the arms, as her sister went in front of me. She said, ok, 3, 2, 1! She pulled my swimming trunks down! They were both laughing, saying I thought it was supposed to be big when hard! Her sister said that maybe we could make it harder, and she took off her top, which made my boy down under even harder, but not bigger! They kept on laughing, wondering why it stayed at barely one inch! Just then, out of nowhere, I just shot out some *** out of my **** on to the sand! They laughed even harder, omg are you a premature ejac? Since she was laughing so hard, my friend dropped me to the ground, and I tried to run to the changing tent, while all these other women kept on laughing their heads off when seeing me! On our drive back home, my friend and her sister kept on calling me a baby in the car, and talking about how they think I have a smaller one than their baby brother! It was so embarrassing, and my friend told everybody at school about it.