Pantsed At Beach!!!

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I hate talking about this story because of how embarrassing it is. So on this one day, me and my friend (who was a girl) went to the beach. Even though we were friends and this was technically just a hangout, I was really into her, so of course by boy down under became super hard after seeing her step out of the changing room with her HUGE boobs and amazing body covered by her tight bikini. She obviously notice, and asked if she could touch it. I was like, “WHat the hell? No!” But that didn’t stop her, because a couple of minutes later while we were in the water, she pointed behind me to an upcoming wave. I turned to see how big it was, but then she pulled my trunks down and pushed me into the water!! She ran back to shore, and I was there yelling to her to give them back. She kept on saying, “Well if you come out and show me your boy down under then MAYBE I will!” Since it was the middle of the day at around 1 PM, and it was technically a school day but it was cancelled today, there were barely anybody at the beach, and the only person was the lifeguard on the other side (get to that person in a bit). Since there were barely any people, I went to her with my hands hiding my dick. She told me to raise them, and I refused, pleading her to give me them back. She threatened to throw my shorts on to the top of the changing room tent, and just when she was about to throw them, I raised my hands to stop her. She glanced down, and died of laughter. “I thought that when it was hard, it was supposed to be longer than half an inch!” She threw my shorts on to the top of the tent! And they were too high for me to reach! Just then the really hot older lifeguard women came and was like “What’s with all the noise here-” She saw my willy and was like, “DAMN, that is small!” And began to laugh. My friend fell to the ground of laughter, and the lifeguard was laughing really hard too! I ran for my life and grabbed my bag with my change of clothes and ran to another tent to change, and all I heard was the lifeguard yelling, “Hey, that’s a pretty good butt you’ve got there!” After awhile, I ran into my friend who asked “Are you a premature ejac?” I was so like NO! She said that here and the lifeguard noticed that I was leaving a trail of cum behind as I ran. I was so embarrassed, and my friend continued to call me baby from then on out.