Naked with brother during puberty!

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BACKSTORY- My name is Cole, and I’m a 13 year old guy. I also have a twin brother, named Steven. We are the only children in the family. Our parents were away, and wouldn’t be back for 4 more days. It was spring break, so we were out of school all week.

So steven and I are home alone. This is very common, we stay home together a lot, so we weren’t worried when our parents said they would be away for the week. After they left, we do what we normally do for a while. Watched tv, played video games, walked around the neighborhood. Near our house, we have a really big park. Steven and I are best friends also. We do pretty much everything together. There is 1 problem with our relationship. We LOVE to mess with each other. So, we do things like hiding the others stuff and tripping then. We don’t mind, when we get pranked, we think it’s funny. Even when it happens to me. Another thing about us, we are very competitive. We always race around and wrestle. Last thing about me and Steven, we embarrass eachother a lot.

When we get the park (it’s about 1/2 mile long) it was empty. We walked around for a few minutes. It was strangely hot out today, so we took our shirts off. Steven and I got topless a lot around our friends and family, since we are both fit. Not noticible 6 pack fit, but fit enough. Then I had a great idea. I said “hey Steven, let’s race from this end of the park to the other and back.” The he realized we were in jeans. I said “no ones here, let’s take them off.” So there we were, in our boxers. (BTW, nobody come into the park while we are there. Don’t get your hopes up.) we find a big stick, the starting/finishing line. Then we ran to the other end and put our clothes down. We had to start at the beginning, run to the other side and grab our clothes, run back, cross the line, and first one to get fully dressed win! Steven asked me “what will the prize be?” I say “the loser has to do the most embarrassing thing the winner can think of for the next 3 days. (Our parents won’t be home for 4 days). I agree. We go to the finish line, and count down from 10. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. GO! at first I have a big lead, because steven tripped. I was able to grab my clothes first, but that slowed me down, steven was about a yard behind me. I crossed the line and threw my shirt on. Steven did the same. I struggled pulling my jeans over my shoes, next thing I know, steven is putting his shoes on after he toook them off to put the jeans on. He stands up, he won. I was reallllly scared. Let me tell you one more thing about steven, I know he wouldn’t make me do anything inappropriate or sexual. We had both just started puberty, and are both self conscious when it comes to nudity. We also haven’t seen eachother nude in 7 years, when we took bathes together. We walked back home while Stacey thought. We get back, and Steven has a great idea. He said he knew what my punishment would be. Today was Monday, so he said until midnight Thursday, I had to be completely NAKED, no covering. I was SHOCKED. He said it didn’t have to start until midnight that night. Right away I got in the shower. I started puberty late, or at least later than Steven. When he is topless I can see at least 1 inch hairs under his armpits. I only have 1/2 inch very light hairs. Also, every few weeks I measure myself. I’m only about 3 1/2 flaccid and 5 1/2 erect. My pubic hair is just starting to turn darker in color, and it is about 2 inches long. My testicles don’t hang that low either. when I got in the shower, I started masturbating. I have never cummed before. When I got out of the shower, steven was peeing on the toilet. It is common, but I never cared till today, I was talking to him, and got a small glimpse of what looked like a 4 1/2 inch flaccid cock, along with long dark pubic hair. I was worried he thought I was as mature as him, but I’m not. We are the same height tho, about 5 foot 4 inches. At 10:00, he asked if I was ready. I said no, and asked him if he thought I was as mature as him. He said “well, we will find out, won’t we?” I said “we live so close to the park, and it’s well lit. Let’s do the same race, if I win, I get to see any part of you for a whole hour. If you win, I’ll stay naked for 3 days, but also do whatever you want.” He said ok. Let’s skip the boring stuff. He won.

back at the house It’s 11:56. It was like new year. Steven put the coffee table in front of the tv, made me get naked (except for a paper towel covering my area) and he sat in the couch. 11:59 and 45 seconds. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I drop the paper towel and throw my hands above my head. It was horrible. He was staring at all of my all for what seemed like a year, but was actually 5 minutes. He became closer, examining me. I said I have to pee. He said ok, let’s go. I was like WHAT but I ha stop do what he said. I went to the bathroom and started peeing. I was there for at least 2 minutes. It was so embarrassing. He then turned the temperature really low and put on a jacket. I was left there naked in the freezing cold. Unfortunately, that started to get me hard. It stopped before it was completely hard, but my brother saw. He said “your gonna be like this for a while, I might as well see a boner or 2 here and there. He pulled out his phone, searched something I couldn’t see, and turned the phone the me. He told me to hit play. Before you know it, I’m watching hardcore porn and have a massive 6 inch cock. To make it worse, in less than a minute, me, Steven, and the floor is covered in warm white man juice. That was my first time ever cumming, it was fantastic. That doesn’t make up for the fact that I had to clean it all up. Steven made me LICK it off him. Luckily, it was only on his chest and arm. After we were clean, it was 1:30 in the morning. Before bed we are usually topless since we sleep in our underware, so the only clothes in the house being worn were Stevens boxers. He made me watch more porn, and I could see a lump in his pants. Then I had a great idea. “Steven let’s do a challenge. It’s called your boner challenge. We put porn on the tv and the first one to cum looses. If I win, you stay naked with me as long as i have to, and you have to do what I say.” He agreed. Since he knew his penis enough was bigger, it would take longer for him to get a boner. I hadn’t an idea. I counted from 3. 2. 1. I hit play and closed my eyes. I wasn’t only a little hard. I looked at him and there was a massive lump in his boxers, long before I got a boner. Before you know it. The floor under him isn’t wet I say I WIN! I pull the coffee table really close to me, and he gets on with only a paper towel covering his glory. I count down, and he drops every covering. He was still hard and his dick looked like it was 7 inches hard! He hadn’t dark hair all the way to his anus and husband testicles drooped down like 4 inches. I noticed his dick didn’t bend at all, it wasn’t completely straight. Mine bent up a little. His veins were noticible from far away. I could see his arm pit hair very well, his arms were up. It was at least 2 inches and dark. I said, let’s go pee, I knew he had to. He emptied his bladder for 3 minutes straight, because its hard to pee with a boner. I had said that I had a truth or dare app, with only dares. He said let’s play. I set it for extreme. After a while of jumping jacks, laps around the backyard, we even had to cup each other’s balls, on dare said sleep in the same bed. Our bedside were pretty thin, so I was scared. We were tires, so we got ready for bed. I got the wall side. we were still hard when we got in, so we had to lie on our backs not to touch. When i was soft I turned to my side. I woke up in the middle of the night, and of course, I had a wet dream. Cum was all over us. I had to wake steven up. We decided to shower together. Another dare from the app was wash eachother next time you shower. We had to touch each other. It was so embarrassing, I got hard right away. We jerked each other off, to know what it feels like. It was great. We did that for a while. Then went back to bed. We didnt mind touching now. In the morning we are like everything is normal. It gets pretty boring from there. Lots of porn, bathing together, on Thursday we were disappointed that our parents were coming home. We said every chance we get, we will bath together or watch porn ur jerk each other off

We are now even closer than we were before!! Hope you enjoyed the story!!