My worst panty show moment

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I’m sure the answer to this question would normally come from a girl, but I’m a guy who is taking a stab at it.

A Girl Named Linda

As a 10th grader in high school, I participated in my school’s wrestling program. Since it was a small school, it wasn’t too difficult to make the varsity, so I was able to represent the school in the 103 pound class. Unfortunately, this was at a time when schools were just starting to allow girls to participate in boy’s wrestling. As a result, another of the competing schools in our conference had a girl that wrestled in my weight class, so I had to wrestle against her.

When I first saw her, I made the mistake of making some remark about how I would eliminate any desire she had for wrestling any future matches. This started a rivalry that would last for the duration of our high school wrestling careers. She turned out to be surprisingly good for a 9th grader and ended up beating me in this match by 1 point. Obviously humiliated by this, I told her I would wipe the mat with her the next time. She replied that the next time we wrestled, she would have me wearing panties.

The next time I had to wrestle her was the following spring in the sectionals. I had trained hard and improved greatly as a wrestler and was in much better shape this time, so I felt confident going in. When I saw her before the match, she repeated her threat to have me wearing panties and I said no way. One thing led to another and finally we had a bet going that if she lost, she would have to let me shave her pubes, but if I lost, I would have to model for her in female panties. So we went at it again, but I found out to my chagrin that she had improved greatly also. She won again and this time it wasn’t close. She beat me by more than 10 points and we both knew it was clear that she won because she was better.

Needless to say, I had to make a trip to her town and fulfill my end of the bargain. She had bought these low cut pink panties from Victoria’s Secret and made me wear them for her and two of her friends. How embarrassing-these panties were hardly large enough to cover up my junk. They all had a great time making me eat crow.

I never did beat Linda, not the following year or my senior year, I could write a whole chapter on the rivalry that we had.