My neighbor, my wife, and my shorts

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Well, I have this pair of shorts that is starting to become too big for me as I am losing weight. My wife keeps harping on me to not wear them as she is constantly getting annoyed with me constantly hiking them back up again. So she made a rule that if I wear them out, and they fall, I am not allowed to pick them up, I must leave them where they are.

So one afternoon I was going to get something at the mailbox and of course, I am wearing my favorite shorts. My neighbor from across the street, Sandy late 30’s and her niece Jess, 20…both not too hard to look at. Well they were getting out of their car and wanted to ask me about something that was going on around town.

We were having a nice chat when my wife walked up and joined into the conversation. It was right about then she thought it would be funny to put my car keys into my pocket which made my shorts fall off. Which is a conversation stopper by the way.

Even though I was going commando, I did have a tee shirt on that was long enough to cover myself. So after an awkward 45 seconds my wife explained why she did what she did and why she did it. Which by the way, I never thought she would have ever done that. We have never had any real crazy experiences.

All three of them had a good laugh at my expense. So my neighbor asks my wife if she minded that other people see her husband naked. She said, not at all, in fact she is loving to embarrass me and was loving this. Sandy said “Really?” I could feel the tension filling the air as I could hear the wheels in my wife’s and Sandy’s head as Sandy looked me square in the eyes and told me to put my hands up in the air. (To be continued…)