My friends most embarrasing moment

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This was a few years ago now I had a couple friends around for my birthday and late in the evening one of them was getting ready for bed so i was waiting with my friend in the other room whilst we where waiting I decided to keg him for a laught so I asked him to turn off the tv for me (so I could get him to stand up) so when he did I kegged him the thing was I was only going for his trousers but saddly for him when I did his boxers got caught as well and went down and too make things worse for him it was rather small down their as well he wasn’t mad just embarrased but saw the funny side of it. It wasn’t the kegging what embarrased him it’s the fact that someone saw his penis and said it was small what did it, we still joke about it sometimes and he hasn’t held a grudge about it.