My Crush Saw Me N****

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This is from when I was in 7th Grade.
I had a huge crush on a girl from the last year. My best friend ratted me out so I wrote her an e-mail on how this was just a rumour and all.(I think she still is not convinced.)

Then one day in Geography class I had immense chest pain and breathing difficulty.
I went down to the medical room where she was on the bed. The nurse gave me a hot water bag to apply. Some time later she (the nurse) asked me to unbutton my shirt to apply Vapo-Rub. Genuinely blushing I did it. I expected the girl to look away but to my dismay she kept staring at my chest as the nurse applied Vapo-Rub. I stared at the ceiling till I was given permission to return to the class. This was horrendously embarassing.