Humiliating Beyond Belief Hs Freshman Girl Hanging Wedgie And Forced Public Nudity

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This is a 100% true story that happened to me when I was an HS freshman.

It was early to mid-October and I was wearing my class shirt, which gave away that I was a freshman. I was a pretty girl with bigger boobs than most of the seniors. I was going through a forested area and there were three senior girls sitting around a car. I didn’t realize at first that they were waiting for a freshman girl to wedgie, so I wasn’t worried. As a pretty girl with big boobs and butt, I was an ideal target.

One of them walked up to me and reached into my skirt and grabbed the back of my boyshort panties. Still carrying me by my panties, she dragged me over to a nearby tree where they had hung a rope. I said “please don’t”, but one of the other girls covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream. The third girl got some masking tape, taped my hands behind my back so I couldn’t resist them and taped my mouth shut so I couldn’t scream permanently.

The girls then took my skirt off completely and tied the back of my boyshorts to the tree with rope. I screamed as much as I could under my gag as they tied my underwear harder and harder and pulled me higher and higher. When they were done tying me up, they mockingly asked how I liked it. It was getting increasingly embarrassing because my butt was almost fully exposed to the girls with my wedgie and an increasing amount of my pubic hair and vaginal area was becoming exposed as my panties sunk deeper into me. It was physically painful too, but my abuse was far from over.

The girls then got out some itching powder and red ants and poured both of them into the front of my underwear. I couldn’t itch with my hands tied behind my back, which was torturous. They put some peanut butter in the front of my undies as well, which was sticky and also provided food for the ants to eat. Then the girls poured some toothpaste up my vagina hole.

Then they turned their attention to my butt. They put some peanut butter all over my butt cheeks and ice cream all over as well. Then they got some mini M&Ms and stuffed several right up my buttcrack. Then they turned their attention back to my vagina and put some ice cream on my vaginal area as well.

Once this was over, one of the girls got scissors and cut off my shirt and bra. I was now completely naked, except for my panties that were covering none of my butt and increasingly little of my pubic hair and vaginal area. The girls talked about how I must be proud that as a freshman, I had bigger boobs than all of the senior girls. I was normally proud of my big boob size, but this talk was making me embarrassed.

One of the girls had really thick nails and kept clawing my nipples really hard. Then a different girl got nipple clamps and put them on both of my nipples. That hurt far more than the girl clawing me did. They put other items like clothespins and paper clips on my boobs as well.

Last but not least of all, they started swinging me around the rope. Two of the girls swung me by spanking my butt, and the third girl was at the other end and volleyed me back by punching my boobs or vagina. Eventually they got in their car and left, taking my shirt and bra and skirt with them.

It wasn’t long after they left that my boyshorts tore and the wedgie was over. I went in the grass and peed from a combo of pain and embarrassment. Then of course I had to run home naked, wearing nothing but painful nipple clamps. There are few alleys where I live, so once I was out of the forested area there wasn’t much of any place to hide. My hands were still taped behind my back, so I couldn’t run as fast as I could or cover myself with my hands. The senior girls had made my embarrassment all the worse by writing the words “big boobed slutty girl” across my stomach with marker while they had been wedging me. Several cars honked at me and several people stared or yelled at me as I ran home nude. I recognized many of the people who saw me nude, which made it all the worse.

When I finally got home, I eventually managed to untape my hands and used my key to unlock the front door. My parents were still at work.

After getting inside I then ungagged my mouth, took off the nipple clamps, and took the M&Ms out of my butt crack. Then I put clothes back on and went back to the forest to get my books and backpack I had left behind. (Previously I was unable to carry them with my hands taped.) I got all of this done before my parents got home and wasn’t planning on telling them what happened. However, my parents heard from neighbors about how I had been running home naked with nipple clamps on and “big boobed slut” written across my stomach