Embarrassing physical

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A couple of weeks ago was my 14th birthday.And with my birthday, of course, comes an annual visit to the doctor’s office, for my physical. Ugh. I don’t think anybody likes the physical. Alright, so normally a nurse brings me to a room and just has me wait for the doctor. But this year, for whatever reason, she brought me to a room and gave me a tiny, paper-thin, open-backed gown, and told me to put it on. I must have looked confused, because the she said, “Doctor Parker retired a few months ago, so we have a new doctor. She has a different way of doing things.” Then she left. Oh shit. Did she just say ‘she’? Shit. I’ve never been naked in front of any woman or girl other than my mom. Darn.
Anyway, I put on the gown, but I left my underwear on. It seemed hardly worth wearing the gown, because it didn’t even cover my underwear. Which, by the way, were blue tighty-whities, which were pretty small for me in the first place. When I sat on the table thing, which was what I did, it kind of scrunched down to hide the obvious lump in my too-small underwear. After waiting for about five minutes, a woman walked in. She looked at me, smiled, and said, “Hi! You must be Auggie.” “Yeah,” I croaked out as I stared at her. She couldn’t have been older than 30, and was sooo hot. She had brown hair back in a ponytail, and bright green eyes. My barely protected penis twitched, then settled down. I knew that that was not a good sign. Then she said, “I’m Doctor Goodyear. I’m going to be doing your physical examination today.” Then she asked, “Do you mind if my two interns can help?”
This is where I blew it. I mean, is it supposed to be a rhetorical question? “OK” I said. I think I was expecting that they would be male, or at least 25 years old or something, but when two 16 or 17 year old girls walked in, i did a double take. And worse, one of them was my sister’s best friend! Shit. “This is Isabel and Helen, Doctor Goodyear said. Isabel, my sister’s best friend, is one of those girls who is super hot, but also super smart. She has long blond hair, cute eyes, and hot breasts, in my opinion. I had recently entered puberty, so I noticed things like that. I didn’t know Helen