Embarrassing erect willy

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The water cut at my house so I went to the gym to shower I first did a 20 min cycle after I was hot and bothered I went to shower, there was one other guy showering. I took my clothes off and went to shower I couldn’t stop looking at the other guys Willy It was circumcised high and tight no skin to move, it was really veiny and defined. I started to get hard this guy saw my uncut penis get big. I then pulled it back as far as it could go. On one pull back of the skin I started shooting cum, this guy was so shocked but he was looking at my cock throb and squirt semen. I then saw him get a semi before he could do anything I started sucking that tight cut dick, he started wtf stop it you fag but he couldn’t help it his Willy betrayed him he started shooting semen. He then got his towel and went away embarrassed