De-Trunked at a Pool Party

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I’m 34-years-old and not the best looking guy in the world. Besides my face I have a big gut and man boobs. However, I’m not a hairy person. The only hair I have is on my head and my pubes. Plus my skin is snow white. I went to a pool party at my neighbor’s house yesterday with people in their early 20s. Both men and women were there. I’m single and decided to chat up this really attractive girl that was there. Well it turns out she has a boyfriend and he didn’t like it. So in front of her, he sneaked up behind me and pulled my trunks down around my ankles. I was so shocked. I couldn’t believe it. The girl looked down and saw my hard ONE inch penis. She gasped and then laughed. The guy took my trunks and started throwing them around to all the people at the party. I kept running around trying to get my trunks back but no one would have any mercy and give them back to me. So I ended up looking like an idiot. After a good ten minutes I gave up and remembered I have a house next door, lol. So I just went on home, put on some new trunks and went back over there because there were a few more cute women I wanted to chat up. Thought I might be able to gain some sympathy from them but it didn’t work.