Caught skinny dipping

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I was 13. Staying at my grandparents lake cabin with them. One summer night weather was very humid and hot. Once it got dark and my grandparents went to sleep, I decided it would be fun to go skinny dipping. My bedroom was on side of the lake so I took my clothes off in the bedroom and just tip toed out to back yard and down to the lake. A house next store to my grandparents looked dark, so I assumed everyone was sleeping as well. I get in the water and it felt amazing on my body the feeling of the water and my naked body. I swam around some. Then house next door the back light came out. A young woman walked out on her deck and must of heard me or something. I got out and started walking up to the house it was dark so I felt I was safe. Little did I know she had a bright flashlight she turned it on and pointed it in my direction she said what are you doing this time of night then pointed flash like and could see I was naked. I put hands over my penis but she could see my butt.  She giggled and said well nice butt I ran to the house where my grandma happen to be sitting at the kitchen table. I walk in naked I put hands over my penis and, she said don’t be shy I have seen what you have. I said sorry I just wanted to see what it was like to swim nude. She said its ok your grandfather and I did it when we were young and still do. I said woman next door seen me. She said well sure she seen what you have before. She then gave my butt a friendly pat and told me to get some sleep. So I went off to bed.