Caught Naked by Crush

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So during my sophomore year (year 10) I spent a lot of time in the rec building on campus at my school- my school was big into sports and stuff so we had a nice rec building- and it had a huge locker room and shower room for the guys and a moderate sized one for the girls. Well I had been working out for few hoursafter school and decided to hit the showers- by this time I was the only guy left every one else was gone, there were still some girls in the gymnastics room though. To let you know what it looks like you walk into the big locker room and the you walk into the bathroom and it’s got a big archway on the right that looks straight into the shower room. So I strip down and leave my clothes and towel on the bench just outside the shower room and I’m enjoying my shower. Well the guys shower room is a lot nicer than the girls so if there aren’t any guys in there sometimes the girls will take a shower in there. So a few of the cheerleaders (the 3 that were in my grade who were all extremely hot)thought everyone was gone so went into the guys locker room to shower. They hear a shower running and the hottest one (my crush) peeks in too see. She sees me butt naked in the shower. And she sees everything. I’m typically told I have a nice butt for a guy- she sees it- she also saw my junk and everything. Well they were only wearing towels so to mess with her the other too take her towel and run just about the time I turn the shower off and turn around. I turn around butt naked to see my crush standing there butt naked. We were both embarrassed but now we kinda fell for each other and started dating a couple months later. We graduated 3 months ago and are still dating- and I even plan to propose soon. We are also expecting a little girl next month. We never let each other live it down and love to embarrass each other further but we couldn’t be happier that that day happened.