Caught naked

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I was 12 at the time so had a little fuzz around my penis. Was staying at my aunts and uncles place a few days. They had a nice hot tub in the basement. They told me since I was staying with them I could use it anytime. So after dinner I went down to relax in the hot tub. My aunt showed me day before how to turn it on so it heats up and all that. I took my clothes off and step up the step and get in felt really nice on my nude body. I was relaxing.  I stood up and got out. At that moment my aunt decided to come down as laundry room is down stairs and she was going to put a load in I looked and the towel rack was empty she looked right at me and could see my bare naked body I put hands over penis and she said “Don’t be shy” “I see your uncles all the time. I stood nervous but I removed my hand and let her get a view of it. She said you will have no problem with girls with that. I smiled and went off to the bedroom to get some pants on. The End.