An Awkward Way To Start A Relationship

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My name is Avery. A LOT of embarrasing things have happened in my life. This is my absolute LEAST favorite. So, when this happened I was 16. I have huge breasts, and a nearly Kim K butt too. So my two best friends invite me to go swiming in this extremely clean lake, in the forest nearby my house. I say yes, but I left my only swimsuit at my cousins house. So I just decided to wear a bra and panties, with a white T-shirt and blue athletic shorts over them. My two best friends are named Nicole and Ally, btw. So, I drive myself there, and there’s this pretty short bridge going halfway across the lake. Barely and cars go across that bridge, so I just park my car on that bridge. I see Nicole and Ally standing at the edge of the bridge, and I walk over to them. Then, Ally says, “Oh hey, Avery. Okay, since we’re all here, we probably should wait until it gets a little hotter outside, before we go swimmimg.” I agree with Ally. “Okay…then let’s play dirty truth or dare!!” says Nicole. “Okay!! Nicole, truth or dare?” asks Ally. “Dare!” says Nicole. “I dare you to un-tie your bikini top for the rest of the game!!” says Ally. “Easy!” says Nicole. And, of course, she did it. And then, we kept dareing each other, and asking for truths, until a couple hours passed. “UGH! It’s steaming hot out here!!” I said. “Okay, then let’s just have one more question. Truth or dare?” asked Nicole. “Dare, I guess.” I said. “I dare you to jump into the lake!” said Nicole. “What’s so dirty about that? TOO EASY!!” I said. I stood at the edge of the lake and counted backwards from 10. But little did I know, while I was counting, the girls took scissors, dug into my white T-shirt, and cut the back of my bra. Then, I finished counting.”Oh!! I almost forgot!” I said. I quickly slid off my shorts and tee. Then I jumped into the lake. My crush, Blake, was standing at the bottom of the bridge with his friends. I only noticed that when I was in the water. He suddenly stepped away from his friends, and I thought, “This is my chance!!” So I quickly swam out on the surface. “Hey.” I said in a cool and confident way. His friends ran up to him, and so did Nicole and Ally. They all started laughing histerically, but I didn’t know why. I looked down at myself, and my boobs were showing completely! I ran behind a bush, crying really hard. Then, Nicole and Ally found me, and pulled my underwear down, revealing my ass and pussy. They ducktaped my to a tree, and Blake was grabbing my boobs and pushing his chest against them. His friend Micheal was grabbing my ass as well. A couple minutes have passed, and everyone left except for Blake. He whispered, “Now we’re alone.” He took of shirt, took the ducktape off me,