Pantsed by a brat(and getting revenge)

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Okay so… a silly story to tell. I used to be a pretty good bowler. My buddy Alex and I were in a junior league together and we had a ton of fun. There were some cool arcade games there too so when the league was done for the day we had moved over to them and started playing games. Now Alex has a brat or a little sister named Kelly and the two of us… don’t like each other. Not a lot. There has been all kinds of times we have fought with each other and yelled at each other and pranked each other, all of those stories I can talk about another time, but today I already have something to talk about. So at the arcade, Alex and I were playing one of the racing games and we were both having a ton of fun. I won of course cause I’m awesome but then Kelly walked over and said she wanted to race me. Now she’s 4 years younger than me. At that time I was 14 and she was barely 10 so I knew I was going to win and win easily. Call me arrogant but I’m good at games and I know it. Alex decided to let her race anyway and of course I won but Kelly got upset with that. I went on to play a ping pong game and had a lot of fun but then Alex and I played a Street Fighter game against each other. Here’s where the silly thing happened. Kelly was still pretty upset that I beat her so she watched me and Alex play, planning something in her twisted mind, before grabbing the waist of my pants and pulling them down. Now I was wearing these cute pink and white panties but you would have never known because since my pants hugged my waist so tightly, they brought my underwear down with them and showed off my bare assets. I screamed and pulled them back up while Kelly ran away laughing. I was so mad as her and Alex was shocked. She asked if I was wearing underwear cause she didn’t see any and I punched her arm. But that is not then end of the story. Oh no. I had to get my revenge. Alex was more than willing to help me and when Kelly went to the bathroom, we ambushed her. Alex held her hands behind her back while I went for her pants. When I pulled them down, I laughed. She wore Disney princess panties! I hadn’t expected it honestly. Kelly always said she hated Disney. Little liar. She yelled at me to give her her pants back and I said no. Instead I decided to go one step further and take her underwear too. She definitely wasn’t happy about that. Alex and I left her in the bathroom bottomless and hid from her outside. We weren’t gonna just leave. That would be too mean. I’m not heartless. We had her come after us back where the arcade games were, on the opposite side of the bowling alley. She tried so hard to cover her butt but left her naughty bits exposed. We eventually gave her her pants back but not the underwear and she still hates me to this day… might have to do that again sometime.