Embarrassing truth or dare with friends

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Back when i was a sophmore in high school i was at a party at my friend torri’s house. There were six people there three girls (me torri and hannah) and three boy (justin trevor and evan) It was around 11 that night when we decided to play truth or dare. We all agreed before the game started that no matter what the dare was we had to do it. It started off pretty harmless but eventually the dares got pretty extreme. Hannah was dared to make out with trevor for 30 seconds. Then i dared torri to flash her tits to everyone, and she did but she wasnt happy about it (she had really small tits so i cant blame her for being embarrassed) So to get me back, she dared justin to finger me until i cum! I said no way but she said yes you have to those are the rules we agreed to. She also said i had to strip completely naked and let all the guys take turns fingering me not just one of them. So i reluctantly began to strip i took of one sock at a time going very slowly and trying to figure a way to get out of this. Eventually torri got mad and pounced on me. She told trevor to grab duct tape while her and hannah (the other girl at the party) began to grab my shirt. I tried to squirm out of their grasp but they eventually got my shirt off. I was humiliated as my big tits spilled out only being masked by my bra. They then pulled my pants off leaving me in just my bra and panties. I was terrified but at the same time aroused in a weird way. Soon trevor came back into the room with the duct tape and they taped my hands against the floor. They then reached for my bra and i was kicking and trying to keep them away in a panic. Eventually they sat on my legs and left me completely vulnerable and that was when torri ripped my bra off. My tits spilled out and everyone laughed at my embarrassment. They all started jiggling my boobs and rubbing my nipples causing me to become even more aroused. Trevor even started to lick one of my tits! I let out a moan and thats when torri said dont get too excited we’re not done yet. They then pulled my panties down to my ankles and then completely off my body before spreading my legs and holding them up in the air. So there i was laying on the floor completely nude with my bare ass and pussy now on display. Evan then grabbed my ass and started to jiggle my cheeks making everyone break out into more laughter. He then started to spread my cheeks apart as i was doing my best to keep my asshole closed. They finally were able to spread them and everyone got a good luck up my asshole. Torri even took a picture of evan with his finger in my asshole. After they had enough fun with my ass they set my legs down and taped them to the floor. Justin then spread apart my shaved pussy lips. He opened my pussy very wide to the point where it became uncomfortable. He started to rub my pussy and i began to moan. At the same time hannah started to rub my nipples and i became even more aroused. At this point i was kind of just accepting this and letting them do what they wanted (after all i was pretty turned on even though it was a weird situation) and justin even started to lick my pussy so i was extremely horny despite being humiliated. They continued to rub my pussy and i continued to get wetter and wetter and i knew i was going to cum. Eventually i couldnt hold it and i came and squirted all over the floor, and everyone was laughing so hard they were crying. I was sooooooo humiliated