You have such pretty legs, continued

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My last story told of how my former girlfriend Keira, had me dressed as a French Maid for a Halloween costume party.  That was embarrassing enough but what made it even more embarrassing was that I had gone to a costume party previously as a cheerleader.  At both of those parties, there were moments that my panties were on public display.  And at both of those parties was a girl, named Taylor, that told me “you have such pretty legs.”

So…forward to Halloween 2016.  I did not have a girlfriend at that time.  So figured I was safe from an embarrassing costume party.  That is when Taylor contacted me.  She asked if I was coming to this particular party.  I said I wasn’t because I was not dating anyone.   She asked if I would be her date.  She is a pretty girl, so I said yes, even though I don’t know her.  Taylor then told me that she had a costume in mind for me.  In that moment, I had this sense that public embarrassment was inevitable for me.  So, I ended up at the party (with Taylor) dressed as a playboy bunny.  The black leotard was pretty cheeky but I had black sheer to waist stockings and black pumps. I also wore the white wrist cuffs, bow tie, leg garter and bunny ears.  The leotard has the fluffy little bunny tail on it. My poor butt was smacked, rubbed, groped, grabbed, and pinched all night.  At one moment, Taylor suddenly pulled me over her lap and began delivering a spanking while everyone laughed.  My face was so red with embarrassment. But that became the photo that everyone wanted…so I was posed in spanking position repeatedly.  That picture is prominently on display at Taylor’s apartment.  Taylor and I are dating now.  Which I guess I would say makes the embarrassing playboy bunny experience worth it.  Taylor’s friends still tease me sometimes by asking, “has Taylor spanked you recently?”

I am really hoping that my embarrassing costume parties are in the past.  I mean, really???  How many guys, aside from me, have been a cheerleader, French Maid, and playboy bunny???   Three different girlfriends, three different parties, one big embarrassment.   YIKES!