Thought no one was around

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Even at the age of 30, I had a very high sex drive. I was staying with a relative for three weeks, sleeping on the sofa.  It was not conducive to masturbate in the living room, as there was no privacy.

When I finally got to go home, I had a boner most of the 100 mile drive. I knew that being so horny, I’d get off too quick that night with my wife.  The last 30 miles or so of the drive was through the national forest.  I knew the area well as I am an avid outdoorsman.  This was about two weeks or so after hunting season.  I turned off of the highway onto a rarely used forest road.  Once out of sight of the highway, I backed my car into a spot in front of an old rutted road that looked like it hadn’t been used in a very long time.  No one was around.

I stripped as soon as I got out, threw my clothes onto the driver’s seat and walked to the rear of my car. I already had an erection so I leaned against the back of my car and went to town.  It actually took me longer than I expected to get off.  I finally tried a few little tricks to speed up the process.  Let’s just say I can get a bit kinky sometimes when I jerk off.  I shot off the biggest wad of cum I had delivered in a long time.

I grabbed a cigarette and a lighter from the console of the car, I then returned to the back of my car. As I leaned against the back of my car, smoking a cigarette, still half hard and butt naked, I noticed something didn’t look right.  I looked closer and it was a camouflaged painted truck facing me about 30 feet away.  It contained two red necks dressed in camo clothing.  I had not notice it before partly because of the quality of the truck’s paint job and partly because I was preoccupied with getting off.

I got in my car without dressing, started up and took off. They followed me out.  Fortunately I turned one way onto the highway, they turned the other direction.  I’m not sure how much they saw, but I’m sure they got an eye full.