Reaction and Erection Therapy.

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I am 26 years old boy. Last year i got married. I was married to my school friend. I had affair with her when i am 18 years old. We make sex so many times before marriage. As far as my thinking we make sex more than 50 to 60 times. But every time we used to take precaution for sex. I used condoms or she take pills.In my college days we enjoyed sex at home, may be her or mine. Every time at sex i used 3 to 5 condoms for sex. Previously she is not interested in sex but i started jerking my penis in front of her and i forced her for sex. Some times i stands nude in front of her and started pressing her boobs. After that we had make habit of sex every times. I still remember my first sex shot at my mom and dad’s bed room she cried lot and heavy bleeding on bed sheet.Every time i enjoyed lot. Some times i force her to roll condoms on my penis and after sex she will remove it too. She shave my hairs near penis and i shave her hairs near pussy. We did oral sex so many times and some times i put sperms on her boobs and chest too. she enjoyed lot. As i am a boy i watch pron sites i make sex in different position too,she likes to dog shot too. But after marriage we make sex only alternative days only. Every time before sex she jerks my penis for sperm falls then i started my sex. Some times i takes capsule and use oil massage for more sex power. Every time we make sex for more than 1 hours. I kiss her from top to bottom and she also does the same. Every Saturday we massage each others and with the help of oils we enjoyed sex too much. But from last month i got the less sperm falls at night so i asked my friends. He told me to join Reaction and Erection Therapy. With permission of my wife i enrolled my name in that. I was surprised to see all male are above 40. There are around 10 doctors in that center. 5 ladies and 5 gents. Therapy program are for around 3 months.On my first visit i took my wife with me. All doctors jointly examine our penis and testis. They make sonograhy of our penis and testis and