Embarrassing moments in life

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I am 20 years old boy. After my mom and dad divorce i stay with mom place. I am the only one son of my mom and dad. 2 Weeks before i had small accident and 14 stitches on my chest and 5 on penis.But now i am perfectly ok. Due to accident my mom take leave for 20 days. My mom is physiological doctor. She had very good contact in our area and in Doctors fields too. After my accident she is more passive for me. Every alternate days mom called one doctor for nursing. Due to accident i used to stay naked in my room.But After my accident my mom share my bed room. I told my mom that i feel very shy to sleep naked with you in same bed, but she does not listen that.Every night i used to go bathroom for twice or thrice a times for urine. First two days i feel embrasure but now ok. One day early morning i saw mom nude. After bath she comes nude as she is changing the dress. I saw her large and tight boobs and red hot pussy. I Cannot control on myself large quantity of sperm falls in bed. As soon as sperm falls i am unable to sleep in bed as it is bed got waited. I rush to toilet and i jerk the penis for sperm fall. After jerking penis i got the relief. My tight penis is about 15 cm. I don’t had control on my penis. My mom does’t not aware about this situation. After 5 min i came from toilet, my mom asked me what happens.I kept mum but while changing the bed sheet she understand everything. Then in afternoon mom ask me again. I kept mum, she comes close to me and directly asked me masturbation, sex , pron etc.I don’t had any words to talk. She told me to talk freely with her. Then after some time i started to talk.