Pantsed at Beach by two female friends

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So this happened to me around two years ago. I was hanging out with my two female friends at the beach this one time, and it was just the three of us. There wasn’t a huge amount of people at the beach that day, but still enough that I got completely embarrassed.

So on the side we were staying at was mainly meant for girls, but guys were allowed there as well (even though I was pretty sure to be the only guy there). So after taking a long swim in the water, my trunks which were already a bit to big for me could easily fall off. Well, my two friends must’ve noticed that, because out of nowhere, one of them pantsed me, while the other pushed me down to the ground, and the other who had pansted had ran off with my shorts, telling all of the girls. I had stood up, only to realize that I was completely naked in front of a huge crowd of girls.

They were all pointing and laughing. I tried to cover myself, but they would all grab my arms, and my friend who had pushed me would come and flick my dick around, until the point I got a *****. They all began to laugh more, with them saying, “He has a b****!”. I soon then began to cum. Of course, they even laughed at me more, saying, “He’s cumming!” All of them were smacking my butt cheeks, while saying things like, “Why is it so small?” A lot of them began to take photos and videos on their phones. Eventually, I was able to make a run for it, while many of them ran after me until I finally hid from them. My two friends eventually came, taking another look at my penis, and giving back my shorts. Before we left, my friend said, “There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Even if it really is that small!”