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i lived with my girlfriend in a small house.
my girlfriend was between jobs so for a few weeks she was at home during the day.
lately she start complaining about our neighbour.
mark he was between our age she was 20 me 30 he 25 orso.
he was a short skinny guy with short legs and a big head.
he lived with his dog, a half size dog longhair and not a preticular ras.
his dog is very dominant to us, to him he listen very well.
he stated that it was because we where natural subs and he was a natural top.
he also was dominant to my girlfriend and was very paws to her.
sometimes he tryed to force her to summit to him by twisting her arm.
he pretent it was just a bit funwrestling but she start more and more behaving
submisive to him and his dog.
now she told me he came over almost every day when i was at work and grobbed her everywhere.
and laughed at her when his dog jumped her and dryride her.
pissed i walked out and saw him on the field in front of our house discussing with a few girls who played there.
it was a playfield and dogs where not aloud, but he walked there anyway.
he was very rude to the girls who where only 10/13 orso calling them slut and stuff like that.
he laughed at them for being pissed.
when i walked up and told him i needed to talk with him pretty angry, the girls laughed and cheered for me to kick his ass.
i’m not fighting, i calmly said.
than i told him he better stayed away from my girlfriend.
then his dog jumped at me and got me at my sleeve and wildly start pulling.
panicing i tackled myself and fell in the gras where the dog jumped ontop of me and hold me down.
laughing loud he stood next to us and rewarded the dog with a cookie.
the girls also walked to us and stood there surpriced and in disbelief.
i didn’t even deared to speak with the dog growling vo near my face.
than he told his dog to get of and i wanted to get up quickly.
but he stepped over me and pushed his knees at my shoulders and pushed me down in the gras sitting on my chest.
it didn’t took long before he grab my wrist and pushed them in the gras smilling down at me.
get off me, i snarled.
make me bitch, he said laughing, and moved himself higher on my chest till he sat on my neck and clutched my face between his tights.
embarrest hearing the comments from the girls and his sadistic smile above me i tryed to trow him of. but we only slide over the gras turning but he kept his position.
his tights block sound but i could hear the girls laughing very surpriced.
i wanted to get out of this humiliating position and very humble i ask him to let me go.
no fucking way looser, he said mockingly, i’m gonne sit her for awile, he said with an evil grim on his face.