Beach embarrassement

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My first time at a nude beach I was walking around nude, my penis hangs at about 6 inches and flops around quite a bit so its quite noticeable. I came across a group of mostly young girls that were pointing and giggling at my penis. It started to rise immediately. It became fully erect and they were all staring. They all seemed to be impressed even a few guys. I really like the attention and felt so powerful standing there erect and on display like that. I stood there for 10 minutes or so fully erect admiring the attention and pretending not to notice when a group of older women 50 to 60 or so came up to me and yelled at me for being hard. I boldly told them that Im not putting it down and stayed on display for the young girls but the adrenaline from the conflict and the self consciousness was starting to set in. I could feel my penis start to soften. I wanted to show these older women that they did not bother me by ignoring them and staying erect but it fell flaccid within a minute or two. As soon as it became limp there was a roar of laughter from everyone. The embarrassment was so great that it began to shrivel up. I didnt notice it which is why I didnt cover myself up. After getting into a verbal exchange with these women, after all, I still had an impressive flaccid penis but I could no longer feel it flopping around and when I looked down at it only the head was sticking out. I was left with a little baby penis in front of everyone.