Stripped my friend in front of girls

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Back when I was 12, I was having a sleepover with 3 of my friends (jacob, evan and tyler) at my house. jacob had a gf (anna) who lived just 2 doors down from my house. we were having a great time until jacob fell asleep really early at like 10. so we got bored for a while but then evan thought it would b funny to strip jacob and show him to anna. so we called anna over, and she came over with one of her friends who was sleeping over at her house. we turned off the light in my basement and snuck over to where jacob was sleeping on the couch. tyler turned on a flashlight and shined it on jacob’s pants. jacob was such a heavy sleeper he had no idea what happened. evan first started by removing his shirt. then he took off his shorts, which made the girls start to laugh. he then finally pulled down jacob’s boxers, exposing his tiny weiner (it wasnt even an inch big). the girls immediately started laughing hysterically and started to touch it. they flicked it back and forth over and over again. then evan brought over a bowl of warm water and put jacobs hand in it, and in only a few seconds a stream of pee soon began to shoot out of jacobs penis. after he finsihed peeing, the girls continued to toy around with his cock for a solid hour, without making jacob wake up. after a while we decided to get him back to his original condition. none of us guys wanted to wipe jacob but anna and her friend did. so we gave them some paper towels and they wiped him clean. they decided to spread his legs wide apart and wipe in that area, causing them to laugh again when they saw jacob’s exposed butthole. we then put all his clothes back on him, but not before the girls got pictures and videos of what happened.